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And now, a few words from an expert June 24, 2012

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so my father is also diabetic. he has been for well over twenty years- but in the last, oh, five or so years- his blood sugars have gotten a little uncontrollable. after going back and forth with several of his GPs, the newest one really wanted him to go and see an endocrine doctor – so that’s how i spent the bulk of my yesterday.

i really liked the doctor. as a fat girl, it’s been my experience that a lot of doctors have little to no patience for obese patients. they figure we’re on our way to “killing” ourselves, so why should they bother – but this doctor was different. while he wasn’t sweet talking or sugar-coating things, he wasn’t writing anyone any sort of ultimatums.

anyway- he gave my dad a list of foods he should stop eating, foods he needs to moderate and just a few general hints. so i’m going to share them with you.



you should see all kinds of red lights when you see these foods. and it’s not going to be easy.

1. Soda Pop. not the diet stuff – even dr ruestow said that while it’s not the best, it’s the full sugar stuff that’ll kill you. while i’m trying not to drink soda in general… man sometimes you just need the taste of an awesome diet dr pepper.

2. Fruit Juice. think about it. if you’ve ever squeezed your own juice, you know that it’s like 2389847318726 oranges (or, you know, 6 or 7) to get enough juice to make it useful. just think about how many oranges are in that glass of juice. then just  eat the orange.

3. Sweets. its the no-brainer, we know sweets are bad. but so tasty. so. so. tasty. /digress

4. Bagels & Muffins. they’re good. they even look healthy. but they lie. they’re so dense packed full of carby goodness… you should just avoid them.

5. Chips (of all kinds, including pretzels). once you start, you can’t stop. so you probably shouldn’t.

6. Popcorn. now this one is hard for me. i LOVE popcorn. i could eat it every day, for every meal. but… it’s all carbs. so it’s probably a bad idea.

7. Pizza. one slice of pizza has something like 750 calories. and when was the last time you ate ONE slice of pizza. [if you’re me, it’s a half pizza, easy]



one with each meal. yes, just one. yes, i know that sounds ridiculous but trust me.

Bread. Rice. Potatoes. Pasta. Cereal. Oatmeal.



a portion of bread is one slice. this is heartbreaking to me, because i love bread. we’re eastern european- what the hell did you expect. bread is a staple. but… alas, my love affair with baguettes and goat cheese in mass quantities on the regular has to come to an end.

for cereal and oatmeal – just read the box. they’re not kidding when they tell you what a portion is.

potatoes, rice, pasta – the portion should be no bigger than your fist. here is where i wish i was the hulk.


and finally


eat them. be mindful, but eat them. stick to fresh fruit (NOT DRIED) and nuts (NOT SALTED).


well, it’s a start June 22, 2012

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i should start at the beginning, yeah?

i, am a fat girl. yep. that’s it. i’m a fat girl. and for most of my life- since i’ve always been a fat girl, i’ve been okay with that. i’ve spent thirty-six years being okay with being that girl: i’ve got friends, i’ve got a husband, i’ve got everything i could ever want.

and i’ve got high blood pressure and diabetes.

in a conversation with my therapist and my general practitioner,  we’ve come to an agreement. while all three of us agree i’m doing well- i need to do better. so i made a bet of sorts with my doctor: by july 1, 2013, i want to lose 100 pounds. even at 100 pounds lighter, i’ll still be overweight, but it’s a healthier (and hopefully happier) me.

so here we are. my journey starts today.

my plan for this blog is several fold: it’ll keep me accountable. it’ll keep me mindful of what i’m eating, what i’m doing. it’ll hopefully motivate others on their journey- whether it’s 15 lbs or 50 lbs. periodically, i’ll be posting updates that have my weight, and recipes. i can’t promise the updates will always be interesting… in fact, i’m pretty sure there will be plenty of whining, especially here at the start- because i know me, and i know i’m going to WHINE about not being able to drink a coke, or a diet coke, or eat some ice cream.

but it’s a journey.

6.21.2012 — 352 lbs

one step at a time.