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Update… July 5, 2012

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No, I haven’t fallen off the wagon- I swear.

It’s been a really stressful week- we had a house guest, my cousin and his family were in town, so there’s been a lot of running around like a chicken without a head. Not all of it was conducive to my progress, but not all weeks are going to be. Factor in ridiculous heat and and an even more ridiculous heat index… and that’s not helping either.

That being said: I don’t think I’ve done that bad.

I haven’t weighed in yet. I’d meant to this morning, but I woke up late and had a job interview to get to (I know- exciting. This being unemployed business is for the birds), so it looks like Friday will be weigh in day. So, when in doubt, you know you’ll see an update here on Friday mornings- even if it’s just blah, a number.

I’m having problems with the carb cravings, which leads me to believe I should be approaching this a different way. Cold turkey didn’t work – surprise surprise! – so a tapering thing has to be figured out. My blood sugars have been working their way down, and thankfully, the metformin isn’t doing ridiculous things to my stomach this go round.

For those of you who are also on your own journeys – there are a few websites I use to track things. I’m big on the accounability thing. Mainly, I’m over at (username is alottamoxie). The last week was bad as far as keeping track of things – but today is a new day, so I’m not going to stress over the fact that last week was in the toilet.

I’ve got 2 posts planned for tonight: one with stuff I need, and the other being a transcript of something I saw in the Trib on Sunday and want to share. Just so you know.


4 Responses to “Update…”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Sorry it’s been a stressful week, but it’s almost over and congrats on the interview!! *hug*

    Cold turkey doesn’t work. It led me to binge like no other 😦 Weaning is best. But why carbs?

    Love you, lady!

  2. OhhhShenanigans Says:

    Tapering is the way to go! Happy to see an update from you!

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