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As I write this, I’m sitting here eating a day old chocolate glazed donut August 21, 2012

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Yep, you read it right. As I write this, I’m sitting here eating a day old chocolate glazed donut. I’ve already put my calories into myfitnesspal, and I’m over for the day- yet I’m still eating.

It’s been one of those weeks really. We had house guests, which always makes food and meals more difficult – because they’re only in the city once a year, so we want to show them the best we have: places like Hot Dougs and Lou Malnati’s. I’ve been worn thin and ridiculously overemotional, thanks to a change in my medication we knew had the potential to do this, and when I am over emotional I am nothing if I am not eating.

I’m trying to stay positive about this. About all of it. I haven’t gotten on the scale this week, well, not yet- since I know I have to to end this post. I’m not scared: I don’t think it’s been that out of control, plus with working I move around a lot more than I have been, but I don’t like this feeling of spiraling.

But tomorrow is a new day. And hopefully, my decisions will be better.