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how to piss off a fat girl in 2 easy steps October 27, 2012

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ladies and gents avert your eyes. there’s a fat girl in the store who wants to, god forbid, actually spend her money. 


so this morning over coffee (he had coffee, i was still trying to feign consciousness), the love of my life asked if i’d thought about a winter coat yet. now, i bought a coat last winter, but it was already a little big and that was something like 30 lbs ago, so it’s gonna look tenty – which is both good and bad – good, because that means i’m shrinking (and it was on sale for something like $25) and bad because, well, it’s cute. and i didn’t wear it  all that much last year. apparently he saw a cute jacket in the eddie bauer catalog, and thought i might want to go take a look at it. 


is it sad that my first thought was – i bet they don’t carry plus sizes in stores? 


is it sadder that my first impulse was right?


i, of course, go to the eb website. it’s a pain to navigate, so i went straight to their customer service chat: it’s easy, especially when i’m still not quite awake. i fill in my info, and get a presumably lovely person called Crissta G. she quickly and efficiently answered my question with “unfortunately, we do not carry plus sizes in our stores. you can go, look at things there and if they’re available in a plus size, you can order them to be shipped to the store at no charge for shipping. i know it would be easier if we carried them, but at least you can see the colors and fabrics before you make a decision.”


honestly, idgaf about colors or how the fabric feels at this point in the buying process. if i’m gonna look like 15 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag, that’s what i want to know. 


old navy does this too. at one point they carried plus sizes in select stores. now it’s all online. with returns via mail. 


sometimes i just want a $5 t-shirt. or cheap jeans. and i’d rather not wait a week to get them to see that a- they’re made really shoddily, b- they don’t fit or c- both of these things. plus, we know that old navy has a ridiculous amount of size variance, their clothes are often cut funny and two of the same aren’t close to being the same. 


i don’t want to pay shipping twice. or in the case of eb, i don’t want to spend gas money to  go out there, order something i may well hate, just to spend more gas money to come home empty handed. 


so how do you piss off a fat girl in 2 steps

step 1: have seemingly cute clothes

step 2: don’t actually carry them.


easy as pie.


cw: 341.2


2 Responses to “how to piss off a fat girl in 2 easy steps”

  1. Beckynicky Says:

    Yea, I had a similar issue with Old Navy–especially given that they have no control over their sizing and cuts. It’s like they go about that blind. I think it part of the fat shaming idea. Don’t put women’s sizes in the store or the front of the store or else you will look like you are supporting fat people. I have no idea. “If it is hard to buy clothing, they will get the message and lose weight” when reality says that any store that sells a variety of sizes is going to do better because more people can shop there.

    On the upside, it is nice when you realize that your clothes don’t fit. The first 20 lbs I lost, I honestly could see NO difference until I was teaching AND MY PANTS FELL OFF. Literally had to leave class to get a safety pin. Don’t do that cause it is not cool. But I do think sometimes it makes it clear that you are losing weight and things are changing since they can be hard to see

  2. cassbee Says:

    I hate this about fancy chic boutiques. I can’t fit in their clothing. I have to be a size 0-8 to fit into anything fashionable. I haven’t been a size 8 since middle school — maybe 7th grade. There is a pressure like, “If I could just lose 30 pounds…” Dumb. Why do I even have to feel that way?

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