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what i did today… November 3, 2012

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well, i did it. signed up for the gym. 

do not adjust your screens. i actually signed up for the gym… thanks to a solid kick in the ass by m. m is one of my sorority sisters, she’s doing a program at the fancy gym attached to swedish covenant hospital-  it’s a 12 week membership, with a class once a week on different fitness topics. so basically- they teach you how to work on your fitness (cue fergie) – which is what i need. 

i haven’t exercised in… ever? i didn’t take PE in high school, because the idea of being a fat girl in a swimming suit with a bunch of boys around scared the hell out of me. and exercise in middle school consisted of me sitting on the stairs, or on the side and watching – because i was already fat and out of shape. 


this is a whole new ballgame.