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well, it’s a start June 22, 2012

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i should start at the beginning, yeah?

i, am a fat girl. yep. that’s it. i’m a fat girl. and for most of my life- since i’ve always been a fat girl, i’ve been okay with that. i’ve spent thirty-six years being okay with being that girl: i’ve got friends, i’ve got a husband, i’ve got everything i could ever want.

and i’ve got high blood pressure and diabetes.

in a conversation with my therapist and my general practitioner,  we’ve come to an agreement. while all three of us agree i’m doing well- i need to do better. so i made a bet of sorts with my doctor: by july 1, 2013, i want to lose 100 pounds. even at 100 pounds lighter, i’ll still be overweight, but it’s a healthier (and hopefully happier) me.

so here we are. my journey starts today.

my plan for this blog is several fold: it’ll keep me accountable. it’ll keep me mindful of what i’m eating, what i’m doing. it’ll hopefully motivate others on their journey- whether it’s 15 lbs or 50 lbs. periodically, i’ll be posting updates that have my weight, and recipes. i can’t promise the updates will always be interesting… in fact, i’m pretty sure there will be plenty of whining, especially here at the start- because i know me, and i know i’m going to WHINE about not being able to drink a coke, or a diet coke, or eat some ice cream.

but it’s a journey.

6.21.2012 — 352 lbs

one step at a time.